[Updated x2] Enabling Instant Chat Notifications (Chat Queues, Groups And Private)

Update 2 – ServiceNow demoed a new version of this chat functionality coming in Geneva version. Looking forward to this!

Update from ServiceNow – This is NOT recommended and is hidden as it is not scalable in large environments. Shame as this functionality looks awesome! It has my vote for a permanent feature in future 🙂

The chat plugin in ServiceNow is very good and extremely useful if used correctly.
It allows for instant messages to be sent through to colleagues or customers for quicker resolution.

The biggest drawback however that I’ve heard is that it’s not immediately obvious that someone has messaged you unless you’re in the chat window itself.

We looked at a number of options such as polling the server every minute to look for new chat messages to post alerts and creating new formatters but after some digging, we found a very very easy answer. And what’s better? It’s out of the box provided by ServiceNow! Hit after the break for a video of what it looks like and more importantly, how to enable it.

In the video I showed personal chats, adding favourites, chat queues. It also does chat channels. So pretty much a full solution right there.

Steps to activate this is super easy too:

1) Activate the ‘Chat’ plugin
2) Add a property ‘glide.ui11.show_chat‘ and set the value to true
3) Refresh your screen

A 2 minute change adds such a drastic change.

It’s Stuff like this is why I love ServiceNow.

Note: The user must be using UI11 for this to work. It does not work on the old UI.

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