Stopping Updates Being Captured Within Update Sets

Before I begin, let me start off by saying this one probably isn’t going to be that useful for most people… I’ve only ever had two use cases where I needed this but I’ll share nonetheless.

There may be a scenario when you are updating table data via script whose updates are captured in an update set. An example of this, is in one of my previous implementations, I was dynamically creating business rules via a script. These shouldn’t have been captured in any update set and should be handled via the script only.

To do this, I discovered a session property to switch this off the update sets and then switch it back on again. To switch it off, run this command:

gs.getSession().putProperty('SUPPRESS_UPDATE_SYNCH', 'true');

Then to switch it back on:

gs.getSession().putProperty('SUPPRESS_UPDATE_SYNCH', 'false');

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