Reverting The ‘Modern Cell Coloring’ Back to Pre-Eureka

Having upgraded to Eureka, we’ve had a lot of comments from customers regarding the new field coloring which ServiceNow has introduced.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a couple of screenshots below which show the before and after:



On top is the old style, on the bottom is the new style.

Anyway, as I was saying, a number of customers didn’t like the modern styling because they didn’t think it stood out enough and wanted their field styles to jump out to their users.

Of course, the users could manually click on the cog and untick the modern cell coloring option, but that would mean by default it was switched on. Instead, I came up with an extremely simple script to default the styling to full field coloring when the user logged in.

So, the first thing I needed to do was elevate my privilidges and navigate to the ACL table and search for two ACLs called: sysevent_script_action.synchronous.

Out of the box there should be one for read and one for write. Edit these and check the ‘admin overrides’ check box in each.
Now that’s done, navigate to the script actions table and personalise the form layout to add the ‘Synchronous’ field to the form (the field we just unlocked using the ACL).

Next we need to create a new script action. The event it will attach to will be the ‘session.established’ event. This event is thrown every time a user logs into the system.

And the script we want to run is this: gs.getUser().setPreference('glide.ui.field_style_circles', false);

Don’t forget to check the ‘Synchronous’ check box and then save the record.

That’s it.
Now every time a user logs into the system, their preference will automatically be updated to be full field coloring rather than the Eureka default of modern cell coloring.


  1. Mate, you can set a system wide property by navigating to the sys_user_preference table and just putting this in manually (a record with no user, and system set to ‘true’, with that name). That just turns on or off a property for all users without hurting the system.

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