Adding ‘Save As Draft’ Functionality

Update: apologies but I wrote this article while clearly very tired and it doesn’t read very well! But the general gist of the functionality is there so I won’t update it, but I’ll take better care in future 🙂

This requirement has come up enough now for me to share my implementation of it on here for others.

So this requirement usually comes from the change management team when delivering change.

Change forms are generally quite long with loads of fields and options to select from, despite doing my utmost to shorten and simplify them!

In the old days of word documents and spreadsheets, an employee could download the change form and over the course of a few days, gather the right information and fill it out and submit it when they’re ready.

In ServiceNow, you generally don’t have that luxury with mandatory fields. You either submit when they’re all populated, or you don’t.

That’s where the ‘Save as draft’ option comes in.
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