Extending SOAP Timeout

Setting a SOAP timeout can be done by using the out of the box property ‘glide.soap.request_processing_timeout’. By default, this is set to 60 seconds.

Now ideally, anything that takes longer than that should be built out with some sort of asyncrhonous call, but sometimes it’s not possible and you need to increase the timeout.

However, you don’t really want to increase the timeout for every SOAP call just to resolve an issue with one SOAP call. That’s a real hammer to crack a nut situation. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to override this within ServiceNow which I have been told about.  Continue reading

Transform Map Ordering

Within a transform map, there’s a number of ways to map data, eg you have field mappings, on before scripts, on after script, the big script box at the top etc.

Without knowing which order these actually are processed, you can find yourself with some unexpected results.

A colleague of mine did the hard work and digging around to find how they’re all ordered, I’m just sharing the sequence here… Continue reading

Preventing Form Submission Before Page Load

We’ve all seen slow loading forms before, ones where it can take a few seconds to finish setting the mandatory fields, the read only fields etc. The issue with this however, is that all the UI actions are actually loaded before the client scripts. Why is this an issue? Well let’s say you had to put in work notes before moving to the next state of a record. The client script could be setting the work notes field as mandatory so the UI action doesn’t actually need to check that it’s been populated, because ServiceNow enforces mandatory fields to be populated. All good and normal so far. But on slow loading forms, the UI action is displayed but the work notes field hasn’t yet been made mandatory, so if the user clicks the action before the form is finished loading, they’re able to perform the action without entering the mandatory fields. Continue reading

Ordering Of OnLoad Scripts

ServiceNow as a platform requires particular scripts to be loaded before others to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For example, you couldn’t run a client script that references g_form if the GlideForm script hadn’t been loaded yet. It would just throw an error and crash your page load.

You might have seen this when creating a UI page and if you used the client script section to do some stuff, you probably had to wrap your code in a ServiceNow function addLoadEvent(). Continue reading

Domain Screw Up

[Update] It’s back again! Thanks WordPress.com support!

So I wanted to move away from wordpress.com and move this site to GoDaddy… so the plan was simple, remove my subscription to wordpress.com and sign up to GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting. Somehow, I forgot that I had registered my domain through wordpress.com too, so cancelling the subscription returned the domain to them.

I now can’t get it back, it is somewhere in the ether, probably lost for a long time now! So long story short, every post I’ve shared or has been shared by others previously using ServiceNowGems.com is now invalid.

Since then, visitors to this site has dropped dramatically which is a massive shame, but I suppose, lesson learnt and a mistake I don’t think I’ll be making any time soon again!

So please do me a favour, any bookmarks you have, please update them to this address for now (servicenowgems.wordpress.com) . I’ll post again if anything changes