Domain Screw Up

[Update] It’s back again! Thanks support!

So I wanted to move away from and move this site to GoDaddy… so the plan was simple, remove my subscription to and sign up to GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting. Somehow, I forgot that I had registered my domain through too, so cancelling the subscription returned the domain to them.

I now can’t get it back, it is somewhere in the ether, probably lost for a long time now! So long story short, every post I’ve shared or has been shared by others previously using is now invalid.

Since then, visitors to this site has dropped dramatically which is a massive shame, but I suppose, lesson learnt and a mistake I don’t think I’ll be making any time soon again!

So please do me a favour, any bookmarks you have, please update them to this address for now ( . I’ll post again if anything changes

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