[New version] Node Switcher – Google Chrome Extension

[UPDATE] – Released a new version of the node switcher

Completely new UI

Automatically recognises ServiceNow instances behind custom URLs (eg, recognises developer.servicenow.com as https://devportalprod.service-now.com)

Works on instances where stats.do page is restricted

As ever, let me know if you’re having any issues with it

Let me start this one off by saying I’ve developed a Google Chrome extension and would love you all to download it, try it and if you like it, rate it

You can download the extension here: Node Switcher For ServiceNow – Now that’s out of the way, you’re obviously thinking why should you and what does it do?

Well your ServiceNow instance(s) are generally hosted on a cluster of application nodes. ServiceNow handles the routing via their load balancer to a particular Node. Sometimes however, there are scenarios when you want to access a particular node (downloading node log files, monitoring node log files, killing transactions/sessions, checking node performance etc.).

The only way previously to get onto the various nodes was to keep going in and out of incognito mode, accessing the instance and seeing which node you’ve been routed to. It is such a painful and time wasting procedure.

This extension quietly monitors any service-now.com instance that you access, and records the node which you are on. With each recording, it also includes some meta data which enables the extension to force a re-route to that instance on-demand.

All you have to do next time you want to go to that particular node, is click the extension and select from the available nodes, it will handle the rest for you.

It is truly very simple, but I haven’t seen anyone do this before so thought a lot of people would benefit from it.


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  2. Nice Job Ahmed! Quick question is there anyway possible to direct the connection to app nodes that are failover app nodes? (i.e. If I know the BigipServerpool value information which is encoded IP and portnum information, would that work and could that be something your plugin would allow me to enter including the other glide session values needed? Basically an override to the discovery mechanism to add more nodes) Again love this extension it’s been a great gem when troubleshooting performance issues!


  3. Hi Ahmed,

    This seems a very nice extension to have. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to install it in my Chromium browser.

    I got this error:

    Package is invalid. Details: ‘Could not load icon ‘icon16.png’ for browser action.’.

    My browser version:

    Version 63.0.3239.84 (Developer Build) (64-bit)

    OS: Arch Linux

    Is there any way I could make it work?



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