About Me

My name is Ahmed Hmeid. I’ve been working on ServiceNow since around 2009 or 2010 (I can’t remember exactly!) and enjoy pushing it to its limit. I first got exposed to it while working at Logica. There I was the change manager and when we purchased and implemented ServiceNow, I ended up agreeing to learn how to configure it and support it because we had no one internally who could do so. This was probably the best career decision I’ve ever made!

Since then I moved on to a ServiceNow partner, Engage ESM ( formerly Innovise ESM) and this is where I remain. Working here and being surrounded by excellent colleagues, I’ve really seen and understood what ServiceNow can do.

Along the way I’ve seen some very cool stuff. What I love most about ServiceNow is the flexibility it provides around its framework to pretty much build and do anything.

Feel free to contact me if you have any requests or feedback or even would like to contribute: ahmed.hmeid@engage-esm.com



  1. Hi Ahmed,
    I am new to service now and want to attempt SN Admin cert. I have search internet and found various quality of questions but confused which format to go with, one question is repeated many times with slight changes and I find it hard to remembering the answer. Since you are experienced and my help me to get certifiaiton.

    Thank you,


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