Using g_form On Fields Outside Of Your Scope

I am working on a new scoped app. One of the things it does is sets fields to mandatory.

My app is a generic app designed to work on all fields, whether in scope or not. But with the scoped apps this isn’t possible.

It turns out there’s a check that looks to see if the field you’re amending is part of the scope or not, and if not, will print an error in the console along the lines of:

Mandatory true not set on field impact: cross-scope access denied.

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Cancelling Your Transactions

Sometimes you can run a piece of code, click an action, just generally do something a bit heavier than you expected and the transaction hangs and takes a long time to complete.

If you are in a window with the top navbar visible (the part with your name and setting etc.), then you will see a red cross appear with the time running. Clicking the cross will cancel your transaction. But what if you’ve opened up the main window in a new tab without the navbar?

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ServiceNow Performance Metrics

If you’ve ever had performance issues within ServiceNow, chances are you’ve gone to look at the performance dashboards to see if anything looks “funny” there. If not, you then check the page.

Recently I’ve been working on automated monitoring, spotting a situation arising before the customer notices the system is going into slowdown.

While doing this I’ve discovered a new table with a whole load of metrics to read from. Continue reading