Quicker Way To Dynamically Add Options

There are many scenarios when you want to dynamically populate a select box with the appropriate options. ServiceNow have even given us a shortcut method to populate the choice field in the GlideForm API using g_form.addOption.

This is usually adequate for populating select fields. However, if you have a large number of values that you need to add, you may notice a performance hit on the end users screen (of course as it’s client side, this is dependant on a number of factors including, but not limited to, browser specification, operating system, machine specification).

This was brought to my attention on a project I was working on and I was tasked with finding a solution. I had one of two routes to go down:

  1. Remove the dynamic select field
  2. Find a more efficient way of adding the options

As the select field was a requirement, I of course went for option 2 (plus it seemed a lot more fun to solve! 🙂 ). Let’s take a closer look shall we…

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