Making Better Catalog Macros Part 2

I posted very briefly about this around 2 years ago with the promise that I’d write a second more detailed post. This never happened, but its still one of the things I use all the time. And now Geneva has come along, there’s actually a slight ‘hack’ that’s needed to get it working really properly.

So just to recap, when creating a custom UI macro, to make it work a lot nicer, you should always add this input field to it:

<input id=”$[jvar_question_name]” style=”width:50%” name=”$[jvar_question_name]” value=”” class=”cat_item_option questionsettext”/>

What this would do is let g_form.setDisplay and g_form.setMandatory work with the UI macro. It would also save the value to the database as per any other variable.

Simple enough, but what does this actually do?

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Enhancing The Impersonate Functionality

Update: This has now been added OOB to Geneva to the elevate privilege dialog, but not for the impersonate dialog


When building security rules, I find myself impersonating back and forward constantly between numerous users trying to test what a user can see or do.

What gets to me is that every time I impersonate, it throws me to the homepage and then I had to navigate again to the correct location I was testing.

You could of course open multiple windows and impersonate in the other one, but things eventually get confusing.

Instead, what I added was the ability to stay on your current page by adding a new checkbox to the impersonation page:

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 15.39.29

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Generate Printable QR Codes From Assets

ServiceNow continues proving to us what a great tool it is for managing your IT assets. And now ServiceNow are really making excellent strides in the mobile phone UI and the tablet UI. So I wanted to put the two together.

What I came up with was a simple way of generating QR codes for assets which could be printed and stuck onto the assets. When scanned by a desktop engineer out on site, ServiceNow will automatically load into the relevant window, speeding up the need to go into ServiceNow and search. This allows your engineers to spend longer working, and less time faffing around on the system.

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